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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hiiiiiiii~! Wow, it's been for-evah since I last posted here. I seem to be keeping myself over on the Livejournal these days, but I do still have a very nostalgic love for the blog.

Hmm....perhaps I should ask Santa to bring me a new layout for Christmas and use this again.

Brief updates: yes, I still love Tenipuri, yes, Tezuka and Fuji still rock my socks. ^_^ Have gotten into Gundam Seed (and Seed Destiny) and totally love it. Watching Meine Liebe like the devoted, slobbering fangirl I am. Have an origific idea that keeps pinging in my head like mad. May have to recycle an original character for it (or at least his character design, which I was always fond of, though his personality wouldn't quite fit the universe).

Still college football-obsessed, but not going to say anything until after this weekend. >D

Still disgustingly happily married. Everyone should be so lucky.

2004 has been a great year in many respects. I've learned a lot about me, about other people, those who are true friends and those who are merely cut from the cloth of pretense. Fortunately, there are more of the former than the latter, and those of the latter have either drifted or been escorted from my life. Mentally, emotionally, I'm in a good place.

Thank you, to everyone I've been fortunate enough to meet. Even if our paths are no longer the same, knowing you has been beneficial in making me who I am today.

And, because it sometimes just needs to be said....

Bitch, please... XD

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 4:32 PM

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Er...hehehehe, guess who hasn't posted here in forever? ~_~ I wouldn't say I've totally abandoned the blog....

...yeah, that's why you've not done a thing here in over 3 months....

...but I am definitely spending more time on my LJ these days. I think I will keep the blog, though, if for no other reason than a place to put my FL codes and so forth.

Speaking of which, I've joined a lot of them. ^_^

My sports season is officially over until fall. I follow baseball, but not nearly as closely as I did when I was in college, so I get a break until (college) football season begins.

Still mad for Tenipuri, utterly obsessed with FMA and enraptured by PGSM. I do so love having consistent tastes. ^_^

Back to work with me. Or back to play. Depends on my mood and the whims of one Fuji Syuusuke. ♥

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 11:03 AM

Saturday, December 13, 2003


*ahem* Sorry, just a little excited here. Jason White's story is one of the best in college football, and he played an outstanding season in all respects. One goal of the year accomplished, a very special bronze trophy coming back to Tuttle, OK.

Now, to lock up the crystal football trophy on January 4.


*giggles* And to any of you reading my blog and getting really bored of the football updates, I promise they'll come to a temporary halt until the big bowl games start. At that point, I will be waving my Wolverines flag for them to punch holes in the USC Trojans Condoms and for my boys in crimson and cream to roll over the Tigers of LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

First QB ever to get the award from my school. *giggles* What a wonderful day to be a Sooner.

*floaty with happiness*

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 9:22 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

*whine* I carb-cheated yesterday, had real pizza. And as is typical I burned the roof of my mouth. It hurts. *whimper*

Working on a few secret projects. *giggles* Am enjoying all the sneaking around, it's one of the things I like about this time of year.

Back to work. Still waiting to give my postman a well-earned beating.

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 4:45 PM

Wow, have I been a slacker here or what? *embarrassed look* I've definitely been more active on my LJ, but I think it's mainly because I've been layout-pissy and wanting a new layout and not able to settle on just what will suit me perfectly. And having my mind occupied by a number of things, football being up there but not always the top spot. Love, hate, or indifferent to the BCS, it makes the entire season count, which should matter. USC can just go cry in their condoms while the Wolverines devour them and make the whole "controversy" moot.

But, yes, layout. Expect Evil Genki to have a new poster-image in a day or two. *sparkles*

Now, postman, hurry up and deliver my new CD singles so I can scan them for layout fodder! *cracks whips like the little dominatrix of cute that she is*

And I've joined a number of new fanlistings. So go, join them! You know you wanna!!

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 2:50 PM

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Two hours of sleep! All your fault.

Hehehehehehe, but didn't those conversations make you guys really glad not to be in that sort of fandom? Mpreg, NCS, instrument rape, angst, death....*yawn* Fun stuff to laugh at, but impossible to take seriously.

Though, now I'm really scared that Becky may run with that magic racquet that can impregnante people thing...


~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 10:17 AM

Monday, November 24, 2003

*giggles* It's a good Monday when you find a new fanlisting to join.

As soon as they update, I will be the newest member of the Momo fanlisting. Feel my love for the hot-headed peach boy. ^_^ And go join, you know you wanna.

The Kiss of Prince songs are proving popular, but not an undue strain on bandwidth. Tezuka's song is leading in downloads with 849, Fuji close behind him at 843. *cheers for her favorite pairing and their popularity* Am going to put up an .htaccess thing before long to keep evil Chinese message boards from their nasty direct linking. And millions of smooches to Koji and her gf for their tireless encoding and selfless supplying of crack to the fangirl populace.

Need to update my links to include more LJ peoples. Kat, Mag, Di, Noel especially.

Bitter cold here today. Am thankful it didn't precipitate yesterday when the temperature decided to drop 45 degrees from the previous day.

OU beat Texas Tech, 56-25, and have secured their spot in the Sugar Bowl to play for the national championship. Still the Big XII conference championship to play, but I feel very confident of victory there, and we will go to the title game no matter what. It's been a magical season, and I feel very happy to have been part of it, even just as a fan.

Plus, I'm also pretty confident they're going to award my boy the Heisman.

Yes, 2003 is a good year to be a Sooner.

It's really funny, because I'm sure there are people who read my blog who think I'm a sports nut by now, but I'm really not. I love OU football and basketball, and those both have decently long seasons to keep my interest from August to March, but other than that I'm really sort of ambivalent. I followed baseball this year because I'm a long-time and die-hard Cubs fan, and I always try to watch a pro game or two to see how my college boys are doing on their new teams, but I'm not a pro sports fan. I feel the game loses a lot of the teamwork and focus and outright magic contained in college competition. And, love or hate the BCS, it really has taken what was a regional sport and made it into a nationwide craze, because every other game can affect your game. Hell, I couldn't tell you the last time before Saturday that I watched a Michigan-Ohio State game. But the outcome was going to help determine who my team plays in the Bowl and therefore it meant something to me. Add to that my trip with hubby this summer that took us through Ann Arbor and into the Big House and...I got this tiny tingly feeling seeing the shots from the Goodyear blimp of the stadium and grounds filled to capacity and overflowing with rivalry and fierceness and people who just love their college football.

Plus, I must admit, it was damned satisfying seeing the Luckeyes finally run out of luck and get their asses stomped.

Okay, enough football babble. Back to work with me. ^_^

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 10:35 AM

Friday, November 21, 2003

False hope is an evil thing...

We took a company outing today. Which translates to packing up four of us and going to Sam's Club to stock up on various things. It's been a busy week, with reports on six projects going out and billing out about $100K in services to clients, so it was time to spend a little of our legally-gotten gains.

Usually, you see, company outings lead to early afternoons. Which mean a corporate lunch and heading for home by 1:30.

Obviously, I am still here, and even with time to rattle off a quick entry, still working.

Ah well. When you think about it, having a job in this market is a blessing, and I have a very good job indeed.

Decided not to go to Lubbock for the game. It's about seven hours of driving one way, about an hour and a half in the plane, but I'd rather flop out on my couch, do some writing and cheer the boys on from there.

Becky started up an interesting meme over on livejournal, and I've been gradually writing my response to it. When it's done, I'll post it up here, too, though I may cut it to another page as it is LONG and *gasp* not everyone who reads my blog reads it for my Tenipuri fangirling.

Loving the KoP songs that Koji is generously providing. Mizuki and Kisarazu's just went up, the link to the game guide is on her blog. I'm just hosting the tracks for downloads. ^_^

After hearing me ruminate about it, Yume got her hair cut today. =)

I went out last night with some friends whom I had not seen since before they got married (to each other). Things had been rather stressful between them prior to that, and I had debated the wisdom of them getting married. Very happy to report that all seems to be well, and I had more fun with them than I'd had with them in months. Both appear very settled and quite happy.

Yea for marriage!

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 2:09 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

*happy sighs* Don't you just love that feeling when you get your hair cut? I do. It's so light and bouncy, and you feel tons lighter, as if you've just been lifted of some dreary burden that was dragging you down, weighing you to the ground and that you didn't realize just how nasty it was until you bob off those ends, ends which were usually split and if left alone would ruin your hair.

This thought came to me today, and I think I need to make an appointment with my hairdresser. Things could definitely use trimming.

Many hugs to you. I'm thinking about you this week, and my sympathies and thoughts are with your friend and his family.

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 12:45 AM

Monday, November 17, 2003

Eh, sticks and stones, love. You've just proven correct my theory that the cowards of fandom send out their little disciples to keep the waters muddied for them.

An aside, to anyone else who makes declarations for sainthood or martyrdom? Check your facts before making such blanket statements about immaturity, lack of discussion and bad behavior. The bad apples may not be so far from your tree as you think.

Just some food for thought.

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 3:26 PM

Look's like it's recycling season again. Ah, so good to see childish drama, creative interpretations of the truth and delusions of persecution never go out of style.

And to answer your 'latinamerican thing', I present a very, very American thing that requires no translation.

Fuck. You. Kthx.

Hope everyone else is having a bright and happy weekend. ^_^

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 12:47 AM

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Another victory notched for my team. *cheers*

Koji has her game guide up for the Kiss of Prince games. It's very simply coded, but rumor has it that she's got some treats squirrelled away. So, if you're looking for the songs, check there first.

Been ruminating on a lot of things and such, and been posting a little more than here over in my livejournal. Have not forgotten the blog, but am needing a new layout and feeling a little uninspired to post here until I find something I want and then have Yume make it for me.

I will say one thing that I will expand on later: Tezuka's songs totally annihilated Atobe's. I haven't been this pleased with Tenipuri music in a long time. Getting my hands on translations for them only made it better. ^____^

Many congratulations on your promotion! Wow, what are you going to do with yourself when you go on days like the rest of us grownups? ^_~

Wah. Will be up early tomorrow. *crawls into bed*

~~ Love Obsession conquered all @ 1:33 AM